Panasonic's First Latin American New Lifestyle Showcase Showroom in Guatemala

Jun 14, 2013

Panasonic Sales Latin America (PLAT) opened the New Lifestyle Showcase, the first housing showroom in Latin America, on June 7 in Guatemala.

  • 03_gatemala_showroom_house.jpg
    The Entrance of the New Lifestyle Showcase
  • 01_gatemala_showroom.jpg
    The tape-cutting ceremony

The showroom has been realized through firm collaboration with our strategic partner in the region, Distelsa. Eco Solutions Company (ES) Managing Officer and Global Marketing Division Director Toshihide Arii, Regional Head for Latin America Hidetsugu Uji, and PLAT President Hiroki Kaji attended the opening ceremony.

A Realistic and Easily Understandable Evocation for Households of a New Lifestyle

  • 07_gatemala_showroom.jpg
    Living & Dining

The New Lifestyle Showcase was built in a shopping mall in a suburb twenty kilometers from the center of Guatemala. The shopping mall caters to every need for housing-related products as its tenants are involved in interior design, construction, furniture, real estate and banks, and is used by building architects and interior designers as well as ordinary shoppers, giving rise to expectations of a boost to Panasonic's brand related to housing.

The products currently displayed in the showroom include not only ones actually on sale like HIT double solar panels, refrigerators and LED lighting but also ones yet to reach Latin America from Japan, like 3-ring IH cooking equipment, square range hoods, Alauno toilets, tilted-drum type washer/dryers, Cubios wall storage, soft down wall units as storage shelves and other examples of storage devices or OLED; the showroom also has marketing research functions to inquire into market needs.

  • 09_gatemala_showroom.jpg
    Showcasing Kitchen with IH cooking equipment, other appliances and Cubios wall storage
  • 05_gatemala_showroom_bathroom.jpg
    A realistic evocation of housing solutions displayed including diagonal tilted-drum type washer/dryers and Alauno toilets
  • 06_gatemala_showroom_table.jpg
    Presenting a blended projection table-cross
  • 08_gatemala_showroom.jpg
    Showcasing "Tatami style", floor materials which knitted green grass of Japan

PLAT is already leading the way in the solutions business, and also set up an eco center within its dealer stores last November while strengthening its eco marketing activities for major appliances and other products, but with the opening of this showroom it has begun incubating housing-related products. It will pursue the provision of more solutions with cross-value innovations for energy creation, saving and management as well as comfortable lifestyles.

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