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First Comprehensive Eco Solutions Retail Outlet Showcase in Latin America

Mar 25, 2013

On December 14, 2012, Panasonic's strategic partner Colombiana de Comercio S.A. opened an Alkosto store, a large-scale retail outlet in Cali, the third largest city in Columbia. The opening ceremony took place on December 13, with hundreds of guests and Panasonic Sales Latin America (PLAT) President Hiroki Kaji attending.

  • 01First_Comprehensive_Eco_Solutions_Retail_Outlet_Showcase_in_Latin_America.jpg

By positioning Colombiana de Comercio as a strategic partner, PLAT has been promoting innovative initiatives, for example collaboration in SCM, CRM, and e-commerce. This time, PLAT supplied the store with a 118 kW solar power generation system (500 solar panels), 40-ton industrial air-conditioning system (VRF), and over a hundred CCTV security cameras, and the installation of 200 straight fluorescent LED sets - the first case of its kind outside Japan. This marked the opening of a large-scale retailer incorporating Panasonic's comprehensive eco solutions, a first of its kind in Latin America.

  • 02First_Comprehensive_Eco_Solutions_Retail_Outlet_Showcase_in_Latin_America.jpg
    External View of Alkosto's Cali Store
  • 03First_Comprehensive_Eco_Solutions_Retail_Outlet_Showcase_in_Latin_America.jpg
    Industrial Air Conditioning System Installed Inside the Store
  • 04First_Comprehensive_Eco_Solutions_Retail_Outlet_Showcase_in_Latin_America_th.jpg
    Solar Panels Mounted on the Rooftop of the Parking Lot
  • 05First_Comprehensive_Eco_Solutions_Retail_Outlet_Showcase_in_Latin_America.jpg
    CCTV Control Room

Further, the company will also use this outlet as a showroom for Panasonic's system solutions. The Alkosto's Cali store, the twelth outlet of Colombiana de Comercio, will be considered one of the company's flagship shops. The Panasonic solar power generation system, mounted on the rooftop of the parking lot, installed in the store is capable of covering about 10% of its power consumption and is garnering the attention of media.

  • 06First_Comprehensive_Eco_Solutions_Retail_Outlet_Showcase_in_Latin_America.jpg
    Opening Ceremony
  • 07First_Comprehensive_Eco_Solutions_Retail_Outlet_Showcase_in_Latin_America.jpg
    The Ceremony is Attended by a Large Number of People

With the examples from this new retail outlet, Panasonic hopes to continue to expand its comprehensive solutions in Latin America, providing its business partners with a packaged product line-up consisting of top quality products.

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