Happy New Year 2012

Jan 01, 2012

Happy 2012 to Panasonic fans!
To welcome this new year, we at Panasonic would like to celebrate the year in the traditional Japanese style with a Japanese card as our first gift to you for the new year!! =) The Kanji characters "謹賀新年"(Kin Ga Shin Nen) in the center of this image means "Respectfully Congratulating the New Year " in Japanese and is often used as greetings on all new year's cards on new year's day.

The ribbon behind our Panasonic 'eco ideas' logo is called Mizuhiki or "水引" and is a lanyard used to decorate gifts or celebratory envelopes. Depending on the color or knot (way it is tied), the emotions of happiness or sadness is expressed and is therefore used in various scenes. Mizuhiki is not only a decorative lanyard but also is used as a festive decoration or hair ornament such as the way we have used it in our card. In addition, year 2012 is the "year of the dragon," in the Chinese zodiac so we have also added dragons to the background of this card.

We want to share this card with you and hope you will also use it on your smart phone (iPhone, Android) wallpaper to celebrate the new year and also share it as a greeting card to your friends and family for the new year!

This year in 2012 a reorganized new Panasonic Group will continue to strive toward to be a No. 1 Green Innovation Company. Likewise, we will continue to deliver Panasonic news via Panasonic News Portal to keep our fans updated! Stay tuned to our page!

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