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Panasonic Boosts its End-to-End Energy Solutions in North America

May 11, 2012

Panasonic is accelerating its green initiatives to realize its 100th anniversary vision which is to become No.1 Green Innovation Company in the Electronics Industry. In the middle of April, Panasonic announced the establishment of Panasonic Eco Solutions North America (PESNA), a new business unit of Panasonic Corporation of North America (PNA) moving one step forward to achieving its goal. PESNA will provide comprehensive renewable energy and energy efficiency solutions to corporate and public sector organizations from the planning and engineering stages through implementation, construction and permanent financing, as well as ongoing system maintenance.

See the below YouTube of Chief Technology Officer of PNA, Eisuke Tsuyuzaki at the FORTUNE Brainstorm Green Conference as he provides more insight on the formation of PESNA as well as the company's ongoing commitment to being a leader in green innovation.

  • Panasonic North America CTO Eisuke Tsuyuzaki Announces the Establishment of Panasonic Eco Solutions Company of North America

The establishment of PESNA was announced at the FORTUNE Brainstorm Green Conference where CEOs and senior executives of Fortune 500 companies, VCs, NGOs, thought leaders, and policymakers generate innovative ideas, build relationships, and develop strategies to profitably address the environmental challenge. This year, Panasonic attended as Bronze Sponsors of this conference.

Exclusive Relationship with RSB Will Accelerate

PESNA has established an exclusive relationship through the end of 2012 with RSB Funds for the co-development of commercial-scale solar projects in North America. The two will work together to provide financing, building and maintenance of commercial solar PV projects for the private sector as well as nonprofits, municipalities, hospitals, schools, low-income housing projects and other tax-exempt entities.

Renewable Social Benefit Funds (RSB Funds) is an alternative energy company focused on bringing solar power to nonprofits, municipalities, hospitals, schools, low-income housing projects and other tax-exempt entities. RSB Funds develops solar projects for its clients that require no initial investment, provide the best-in-breed operation and maintenance, and always reduce energy costs so that savings can be used to support mission- critical programs.

"As a company that aims to help enable a sustainable future, Panasonic is delighted to be working with RSB Funds," said Jim Doyle President of PESNA. "They have a great record of achievement in making the benefits of solar power available to non-profits and other similar organizations."

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