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Panasonic to Expand Smartphone Business to European Market

Dec 09, 2011
  • 01-GlobalSmartphonePrototype.JPG
    Model Holding the Ultra-slim Panasonic Global Smartphone (Prototype)

Panasonic just announced today that it will expand its smartphone business into the European market in March 2012. At the same time, they also announced its sales targets, aiming to bring its overseas smartphones sales to nine million units in its 2016 fiscal year, using Europe as a stepping stone to the global market.

With the mobile phone market rapidly shifting to smartphone usage worldwide and a steady growth expected particularly overseas, Panasonic aims to tap into this growth with its first global model smartphone for the European market in March 2012.

Main characteristics of the global model include:

  • 02-GlobalSmartphonePrototype.JPG
  1. An ultra-slim D-shaped design for easy portability
  2. Slim bezel with high viewing quality Quarter HD (QHD) 4.3-inch large organic light emitting diode (OLED) screen
  3. Waterproof and dustproof for ease of handling
In addition, eco functions with Panasonic's unique power-saving technology as well as Near Field Communication (NFC) technology for IC-card comparability may be added in the future.

Using this as a reference model, Panasonic will expand its lineup, aiming at sales of 1.5 million smartphones in Europe next fiscal year. Furthermore, in fiscal year 2016, Panasonic targets global sales of 15 million units, including nine million in Europe, Asia, China, and the Americas and six million in Japan (of which five million are smartphones).
Note United States was corrected to the Americas on December 12, 2011

The Panasonic Group created the Systems & Communications Company (SNC) in April this year in advance of its reorganization scheduled for January 2012 in order to handle products and services related to system, network and mobile communications. Within this company, Panasonic will maximize its internal resources, including making use of an existing factory in Malaysia. Currently, phones for the Japanese market are manufactured in this factory but this same factory is also scheduled to manufacture the first global model as announced.

Panasonic will continue to expand its product lineup and increase sales in a speedy process by thoroughly utilizing the Group's technological assets and development resources as well as its production and sales sites around the world, thereby strengthening development, production, and sales structure and product competitiveness.

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