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Panasonic Key Technologies

Kyoto University and Panasonic Developed New Remote Sensing Technology for Vital Signs by Millimeter-wave Radar

Jan 22, 2016

The technology enables casual sensing of vital information such as pulse rate and heartbeat interva...

Six Innovative Concepts Connecting Our Future Homes

Nov 28, 2015

In high-paced Asia, the daily lives of the working adult are becoming more and more hectic. Long work hours coupled with tedious commutes can be tiresome for the average white-collar worker. But imagine coming home only to find there is a slip for undelivered goods that you will need to pick up at ...

The Bladeless Air Generator "Q"

Jun 01, 2015

Panasonic Introducing the bladeless air generator "Q" F-BL25Z in Japan. The "Q" has features with a fluid-dynamic optimal design, the fan blows 7 times more air than it takes in.

Off For a 6-Year Mission. Panasonic Batteries on Board Hayabusa2

Mar 12, 2015

The high reliability, contributed to retrieval of the "Hayabusa" capsule in the Australian desert, has allowed them to serve in a far greater number of roles in "Hayabusa2" and they will make a substantial contribution to the operation of the mission.

Panasonic Showcases Visible Light ID Technology, Which Only Requires an App Installed Smartphone at CES2015

Feb 03, 2015

Las Vegas, U.S. - Information is received by reading visible light ID from digital signage or LED illumination(Light IDs are like barcodes or QR codes written in light). This technology is useful in crowded area where it can be difficult to access IDs.

Panasonic Develops 'Photocatalytic Water Purification Technology' - Creating Drinkable Water with Sunlight and Photocatalysts

Dec 23, 2014

In India, approximately 70 per cent of the population uses water not from taps but primarily that from under the ground. Leaching into it are harmful substances such as agrochemical residues, the arsenic of Himalayan ore veins, and hexavalent chromium produced from leather tanneries. This contamina...

Newly-developed Recycling Technology Simultaneously Sorts and Collects Three Types of Plastic

Jul 25, 2014

Panasonic Corporation recently developed a recycling technology that simultaneously sorts and collects three types of plastic - PP, PS, and ABS - from shredded dust produced at home electronics appliances recycling plants at three times the speed of conventional systems. This technology will help ...

Panasonic HIT(R) Solar Cell Achieves World's Highest Energy Conversion Efficiency of 25.6% at Research Level

Apr 16, 2014

The high conversion efficiency was achieved at a research level using a HIT solar cell of a practical size.

Panasonic Develops Ballast Water Management System to Help Protect Marine Ecosystems

Jan 29, 2014

The first ballast water management system using in-line electrolysis in Japan is filter-less and designed to help save costs and space.

"Nanoe" effectively breaks down PM2.5 components and inhibits growth of fungi attached to Yellow Sand

Jan 27, 2014

Experiments conducted by Panasonic Corporation in test environments have proven that Panasonic’s “nanoe” (*1) or nano-sized electrostatic atomized water particles produced by applying high voltage to water effectively breaks down polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (*1) (5 type...

How Does Panasonic Place Tiny Components on a Little Circuit Board?

Oct 31, 2012

New printing technology can form a precise solder pattern on a circuit board enabling a component as small as a piece of lead for a mechanical pencil to be attached to the board.   Smartphones are getting smaller and thinner every year, and their functions are becoming more versatile and ...

Panasonic HIT Photovoltaic Cells Demonstrate High PID Resistance

Sep 20, 2012

Overall power output of Panasonic’s HIT solar power generating system does not degrade even when the system is operated with high system voltages under high temperature and high humidity. 

Panasonic Verifies the Deodorizing Effects of 'nanoe™' on Pet Odors

May 18, 2012

Japan is now in the midst of an unprecedented pet boom. A public opinion survey shows that 34.3%(*1) of respondents have a pet, and other research shows that 72%(*2) of the pet owner respondents keep their pets indoors. As pets live with their owners in the same space, the problems with pet odors a...

The Wonder of Smartphones That Do Not Become Hot

Apr 03, 2012

Smartphones and smart tablets are very convenient tools that provide easy access to information wherever you are and whenever you need it. They also offer intuitive operation. Smartphones that fit in the palm of your hand can do things that personal computers couldn't do until recently. Do you kn...

Bringing Smart and Higher-Speed Communication into Our Lives by Supporting WiGig

Jan 19, 2012

Smart media, smart phones, smart TVs, smart tablets, we are surrounded by a lot of "smart" devices, and other smart devices may be introduced into our life even tomorrow. On the other hand, as the devices are smarter, they require higher performance communication among them. We would like to show ...

Unveiling Three Robots for the Elderly and Disabled

Nov 14, 2011

First, let's ask a basic question. What are robots? Robots were first presented in a Czech language science fiction play called "R.U.R. (Rossum's Universal Robots) in 1920 and can be said as the closest concept to the modern idea of androids. Since then, robots have been introduced in a variety of...

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