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Reads from the Last Fortnight: NOVEMBER 23 - DECEMBER 7

Dec 18, 2012

Hi Panasonic fans! Today's "inBrief" shows topics from the U.S., Brazil, Greece, and Poland on the topics of our exciting workshop, the eco learning program, a beautiful TV commercial, and helpful devices for police officers.

From the U.S.
Our Wearable Camera System Supports Police Officers in Many Ways

  • ib121218_usa_wcs.jpg
Our WVTW310 wearable camera system was introduced at the "International Association of Chiefs of Police Conference" held in San Diego and was named for the "Best of Show" by POLICE Magazine. This camera plays important roles for police officers, such as recording accurate and unbiased visual images. See the article for more details.

Dec 1, 2012
-Source: Panasonic Solutions for Business Blog


From Brazil
Brazil's Endangered Blue Bird Shows Our Product Is Great for the Environment

One of the most popular actresses "Fernanda Lima" introduces our product in Brazil with the message "[re]think." An appearance of an endangered blue bird flying freely expresses that our products are made to be environmentally friendly.

Nov 30, 2012
-Source: O Novo Refrigerador Ecotecnológico Panasonic - YouTube


From Global
Greece as the 20th Country to Join in Our Eco Program

As the 20th country, Greece joined in our kids school "eco learning program." The proram has just started but it will be interesting to see what they will learn and how they will become eco-minded.

  • ib121218_greece_kids.jpg

Nov 28, 2012
-Source: Panasonic Corporate Citizenship News


From Poland
Great LUMIX Workshops by Pro-Photographers and Movie Directors

  • ib121218_poland_lumix.jpg
A one-time LUMIX workshop will be offered in four different cities between January and February 2013 in Poland. At the workshop, the photographer Wojciech Wojtczak and his son Wojtek will give portrait, macro, and fashion photography lessons, and the director of the movie "Wszystko Płynie" will show film-making techniques. It will be the best workshop to attend for learning professional techniques.


Nov. 23
-Source: Panasonic Poland


Others News

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Aug 25, 2016

During the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, Panasonic will Share Daily its Efforts Behind the Scenes as the AV Equipment Solutions Sponsor

Aug 03, 2016

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Jul 20, 2016

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