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Panasonic Ads & Promotions
Vol. 4A:

Panasonic Intensifies its Environmental Communication Efforts in Indonesia

Nov 09, 2011

Currently, people in Indonesia are becoming more and more concerned about problems related to waste disposal as well as the increasing occurrence of floods due to abnormal weather conditions brought about by global warming. The awareness for environmental issues is growing especially, in its capital, Jakarta.

Under these circumstances, as an entity aiming to become a Green Innovation Company, we, at Panasonic have been pushing forwards with our environmental initiatives and brand marketing in Indonesia. Here are some examples of our activities.

Panasonic has appointed actress, Ms. Atiqah Hasiholan, as its Brand Ambassador in Indonesia. TV commercials and newspaper ads with an "environmental" theme have been launched in Indonesia from October 7, 2011.

  • Panasonic TV Commercial in Indonesia - World Heritage With Atiqah Hasiholan
  • 00_indonesia_newspaperad.jpg
    Newspaper Ad with Ms. Atiqah Hasiholan

Ms. Atiqah is an extremely popular, up-and-coming actress in Indonesia. Her keen interest in the environment and her appointment as Panasonic's Brand Ambassador will enable her to inform people in Indonesia about Panasonic's vision of becoming a Green Innovation Company in a simple and consumer-friendly way.

At the press conference held on October 21, Ms. Atiqah stated, "I'm honored to have been made an ambassador for Panasonic, a company that is famous for being innovative and environmentally friendly," and through the media she told the people of Indonesia, "there are things that all of us can do to help the environment, such as saving water, being diligent about turning off electricity and using energy-efficient, environmentally friendly products."

  • 01_indonesia_ads_press.jpg
  • 02_indonesia_ads_QA.jpg
  • 03_indonesia_ads_photo.jpg

At the Press Conference Held on October 21, 2011, at Jakarta, Indonesia

Panasonic's Environmental Initiatives to Date in Indonesia

  • 04_indonesia_ads_climate.jpg

January 2011: Co-sponsored the Asia Pacific Region Climate Project Summit organized by NPO "The Climate Project," which is working to increase public awareness for global warming.

  • 05_indonesia_ads_ring.jpg

April-June 2011: Sponsored the Ring of Fire Adventure Project involving the filming and recording of Indonesia's culture and environment, which highlighted the importance of protecting local culture and the environment.

  • 06_indonesia_ads_container.jpg

July 2011: Lent the Life Innovation Container to an event held by the Indonesian Red Cross and promoted Panasonic's eco technology to event participants.

  • Panasonic's Life Innovation Container Stands Out at JUMBARA Event (Jul 5, 2011)
    • 07_indonesia_ads.jpg

    On the commercial front, PGI has released the industry-first, inverter-equipped air conditioner as part of their efforts to develop a market for energy saving products, while the energy-saving Alowa+ series, offered as an eco-friendly alternative, are well-suited to the Indonesian market where energy supply is often unstable. These are some of the examples of Panasonic's region-specific, eco-marketing initiatives.

    • TV Commercial - Eco Product with Atiqah Hasiholan

    With a new Brand Ambassador on board, Panasonic will further strengthen its environmental communication efforts in Indonesia and accelerate the establishment of its brand image as a Green Innovation Company.

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