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The World Solar Challenge 2011
Chapter 15

DAY 5 - The Finish Line

Oct 24, 2011

Day 5, it was cloudy around the course in southern area of Australia. Tokai Challenger2 had no problem! They used energy of storage batteries charged energy almost fully. They reached the finish line as #1! Of course, you can watch the traditional event, Jumping-in the fountain, at Victoria Square!

Panasonic is supporting the Tokai University team's participation in the 2011 World Solar Challenge to be held from October 16-23, 2011. We are going to report by video continuously every week on Tokai University's race towards the finish line. Stay tuned!

Tokai University Solar Car Team which used HIT solar cells boasting the world's highest level of energy conversion rate, as well as high-capacity lithium-ion batteries provided by Panasonic as part of its sponsorship agreement with the team, won the 2011 World Solar Challenge (WSC), one of the world's largest solar car race which was held from October 16, 2011 in Australia.

DAY 5 - The Finish Line

The WSC announced Team Tokai from Japan did their country proud as they crossed the finish of timing line first in the Veolia World Solar Challenge today at 1.07 pm Darwin time. They took 32 hours and 45 minutes to drive their car, Tokai Challenger2, 3021 kilometres on solar power averaging a speed of 91.54 kilometres per hour.

The jubilant team and support crew celebrated at the finish line in Angle Vale before making their way to the official ceremony in Adelaide's Victoria Square. Champagne flowed and the traditional fountain dunking entertained the waiting crowds.

Panasonic's Reports of the World Solar Challenge 2011:

Thank you for cheering for this challenge and also thank you for watching our video reports! See you again! (by Satoe)

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