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Panasonic Newsroom TOPPress ReleasePanasonic to Run Global Eco Relay Campaign

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Headquarters News

Oct 2, 2008

Panasonic to Run Global Eco Relay Campaign

342 Panasonic offices and factories worldwide step up environmental activities from October 4 to 16

Osaka, Japan - Panasonic Corporation will conduct a group-wide ecology campaign called 'Panasonic Eco Relay' from October 4 to 16, 2008, during which the company's employees around the world will carry out various environmental activities. The campaign is an implementation of an idea that won the Eco Ideas Contest held last year among Panasonic employees. The Eco Relay event aims at fostering a global corporate environment in which each and every employee voluntarily thinks about how he/she leads the way with Eco Ideas and put it into practice, while bolstering the unity of all global employees in contribution to harmonious coexistence with the global environment through collective wisdom.

During the designated key activity period, 342 offices and factories in 39 countries and regions will engage in various eco-related activities such as environmental education, cleanups and tree planting. At the same time, as a corporate citizen, Panasonic will expand environmental initiatives involving employees' families, local residents and children. A total of some 520 activities are planned for this year's Panasonic Eco Relay event. Overall, the company aims at reducing CO2 emissions by 500 tons, mainly through tree planting activities.

Panasonic has been actively involved in environmental conservation activities since October 2007, when the company announced its Eco Ideas Declaration consisting of three concepts: Eco Ideas for Products, Eco Ideas for Manufacturing and Eco Ideas for Everybody, Everywhere. The Panasonic Eco Relay campaign is one of the Eco Ideas for Everybody, Everywhere. The company has been driving the 'Love the Earth Citizens' Campaign (LE Activities)' in Japan. It involves its employees and their families, who have been engaged proactively in environmental activities at home and in their local communities. Through this Eco Relay event, Panasonic also aims at expanding the LE Activities globally, thereby establishing and putting into practice environmental activities tailored to local conditions.

[Panasonic Eco Relay: Recommended activity period in each region]

Japan: Oct. 4 & 16
Asia & Oceania: Oct. 5 & 6
Europe: Oct. 7 & 8
Latin America: Oct. 9 & 10
China & Northeast Asia: Oct. 12 & 13
North America: Oct. 14 & 15
CIS, the Middle East & Africa:
Oct. 4 to 16

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